I’ll never understand


I have been going back and forth with support since last week about the ak-47 gun last week I spent 10$ to get the gun last week I did an update on iOS when I logged back in to the game my gun was gone I asked them for help and they say I dismembered the gun which i never did makes zero since why I would spend money for this item and then take it apart I most of the time say oh well such my luck but I never get any good weapons so I payed to get something good iv asked support all week for either the gun back or a refund they keep telling me it’s not there problem I’ll never understand how they treat a paying customer lik this


Best thing I can suggest is just keep pushing it, especially if the responses seem copy and pasted. Sometimes takes awhile to get them to actually look into something and gkve you real answers instead of just guessing.


@Theoutlaw2006 PM me your account code and I’ll set them on the right track.