I like Zhu but............the catch is

So i believe it’s 440 beads every 2 days, so is it p2p?


you need to do all milestones and that can be hard on f2p specially lvl up


Totally agree still seems out of reach tbh


Seems that way, but I’m not surprised. Not worth the effort to me. I have more important things to do IRL.


You gonna need to complete the stash and the missions 100% to have 10 lights, and also a big amount of energy cans to go foward in the stages and not mention the last stage is gonna be hard for sure. To complete the stash you need play really hard to get the museum itens from raid boxes

What do you like about zhu? I’m generally curious.

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The exhaust on a free toon is good to stop the awesome ar teams out there

The lead skill is pretty nice, you can get benefits from using literally any color.

500 maim if they recheuve a 100% ap… Em

I don’t think the exhaust is high enough to do much damage.

Free in the same way Sergio was lol

I’m sure Zhu will not be F2P. I completed all milestones during the anniversary event and was still short balloons for Sergio. I’m sure you will have to buy crates at the end to get Zhu.

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I haven’t mathed it out yet, but at a glance it looks like we will need 3 or 4 tournaments worth of beads to finish each roadmap. The roadmap resets every 2 days, so i don’t see it being possible to do with out buying quite a lot of the RNG bead bags. 200 coins for 10 beads? I don’t fkn think so. Smh

I wasn’t interested at all in this event before it launched. Now I’m even less interested…

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