I like the war prizes :)


(I’m ready for people to yell at me ) lol


Real shit though. I’m happy with the prizes too. I can use some more gear and stuff they’re offering. I’m just gonna get the milestones and relax. :slight_smile:


Nice. Soon you will be the last person playing "/. People are quitting "/


Okay even better for me :slight_smile:


Nice to see that we should think of ourselves instead the community.


Well I’ll be playing to the end, so the more people who quit, the better. :blush:


@kalishane yeah. Look How the playerbase are thinking. It looks really bad "/


Yup lol xD


Hey if you dont like it, leave no one really needs you here. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind the prizes too much. Honestly it is harder to compete for the top 3 with CRW, since the opposing region(s) can be stronger/have unusual tactics that your region doesn’t do, etc.


I love the prizes and medals in milestone thanks @kalishane


People threaten to quit after every event and guess what? They never quit.


Are you sure? Our region from 8-10 factions are now 5 because players leaving.


Really we still have 35+ active factions and its a OG region too


Ok, so since your region is full of a bunch of quitters, you assume every other region is the same? It’s not. My region Wilkinson is as active as ever.


There is other event and if war is not a thing who cares you can live with solo level ups and raids by yourself


Now I see. He is trolling.


Ya it will :slight_smile:


I’ll take the tokens and the dups since it’s all about the 6*’s glad they put medals in the milestones. Wish they wouldn’t put gamble gear bags in the rewards and just give people the gear they can use instead of gambling on the gear and not get anything to help them progress.

That’s the real dilemma here.


^ agree :smiley: