I know what scopelly want


They begin to take worst decission for us and better for the to need to spend more money with the game…i think they want in the future to take out all players who enjoy the game and to have only 1 region with all the peoples who spend a lot of money to be in top…why to have 1 million peoples who dont spend money when you can have 10k who spend a lot of money with the game.i dont work and i dont have money.i am poor for this reason i spend only time with the game and i feel i dont have same chances like the others.how you can remove carl…negan and shiva?when a lot of players pulled shiva from prestige tokens not like the others who pulled 4* and 3*…where are the equal chances for all?i feel like a idiot now…really.i dont want to remove that characters…really.i want them and i waiting for very long time for them…i dont want to be obligate to spend money for have a chance like 1% or less like always for them.maybe is time to delete the game…because is the worst with each day.sorry for my english.isnt the best but i hope you guys will understanded me.i know this is a bussiness but here are a lot of people who want to enjoy this game and have the same chances ■■■■ others.and stop with the liers pls.when someone say the truth his topic is deleted like all liers with the ascendance.


I have Carl / Negan / Shiva, just got Carl yesterday from the 5500 tokens I got from top 100 finish in lvl up event.

All three were from tokens gained from events, not a dime spent on coin to do pulls.

Just be patient with your team and put yourself in a position to rank well and you will get your chance.

Scopely wants to make money because that’s kind of how they stay in business.


Sorry mate but thats a load of crap, todays meta is entirely based on these 6* characters, without them you cant compete,f2p or p2p.
Im in a top faction we have won every event apart from CRW where we came 3 rd , i have also at minimum placed top 100 every solo event and have not pulled one of the potential 6* from any wheel, if it wasnt for a solo level up or a pull a long time ago (carl and shiva) i wouldn’t have a chance in todays meta despite being prestige 12, what i have done though is pull 3 bruces, 3 ellens,3 petes and 2 euguenes along with a few others, its nothing about activity its all rng
Removing these characters simply benefit those who currently have them , and means those without them cant comppet


I play every day…indont missed 1 day and i dont have any of them…dont is my fault about i pulled only sucks char…i dont missed any day and in all events i got creepy char…