I kinda wish we had a fallout game in the style of rts

It would be pretty cool


Fallout Shelter?


No. Fallout shelter isn’t even close to rts.


I would be down to give it a go. I love me some Fallout.

I also had wished they let Obsidian do another proper Fallout but you can tell Bethesda got jealous that some people though New Vegas was superior to 3.


i dont think bethesda was jealous. i may be in the minority, but i like 3 better than nv. nv was so damn empty, and felt waaaay buggier than 3. and i kinda cringed at some of nvs dlc. the think tank saying penis feet made me cringe really hard. but joshua graham is awesome.

Let’s see what games Apple‘s Arcade will offer. :+1:t2:

I’m on Android rip

Didn’t want Google release something similar? Type of mobil games subscription service, or was it Microsoft?

Stadia but you need a pixel phone and other hardware for it

Oh well, better stick to console or PC gaming then. :joy:

Yeah I play mobile games a lot though I even bought a phone with a fairly huge battery to keep going lol

Would be cool, I love the fallout universe but Bethesda is horrible now

i like fallout 76, but they have handle the game so badly and the atom shop is a bit annoying

Probably the reason it could be argued that Outer Worlds was better than Fallout 4

ok i would not say that

Enjoyed 4 don’t get me wrong but main storyline got boring after a few hours and all the settlement stuff was just not interesting to me

i love 4 a lot. if i had to rate the single player games
4 > 3 > NV > 2 > Tactics > 1

Fallout Shelter Online is coming. Looks interesting, check it out for your fallout mobile fix!

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Cool. I thought Shelter was pretty neat, beside being a bit shallow and the paywally/micro transactionbased design.

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I just hope it supports mac and not just windows lol