I just wanted to say #JusticeforF2P

im an F2P for 3 years and this new toons are so OP that i struggled a bit to hit them…its very unbalance for us f2p…:sob::sob::sob:



as in they’ve jumped the shark


i was a paying player and if i am paying i want a advantage over you that are not paying and playing for free but there are so many now other issues to fix besides the card strength but that is one of them and i will not pay again if the issues are not fixed for all players

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It’s straight up pay to win.

Pay $ and you may get OP toons.
Don’t … and… well… you may just show yourself the door


It has been simple for a while… quit or survive. Im quitting by the way. This war was the last nail to the coffin. F2P cant compete with the premiun OP toons anymore. I shouldnt have supported this greedy company.


Im a paying player (past tense- #playersunited) and i struggle a bit to hit the new op toons too.
But agree about lack of balance for sure!

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It was just about manageable with Doc-Zach-Raven teams. Now with Pete and Mia it’s off the wall batsh*t crazy.
Pete-Mia-Mia-Raven-Doc I saw in this war with 3 stun guns on the reds. Couldn’t even touch it.

And then teams with Negan and the New Wayland with Mias in there too. Mental

Don’t forget Elle. She sure is a pain too.


Sounds like we were in the same CRW or there are multiple of them floating around. I can deal with most Negans, even in multiple. Even Pete wasn’t too bad, just depends on what other toons are surrounding them. But I haven’t figured out Elle yet. Typically lose 2 against her.

Nope, group 2. Guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to see more than one person with that team

F2P here *flashes pass*. I have those postwar feelings too


I swear I thought you said you were ftp at some point.

never i have said this i have paid i think way to much and i did a full stop a few days ago

But you said why get mad at a video game. I mentioned paying a lot is a reason. You didn’t understand. Now you fall into both categories.

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