I just need to vent

Plushies. I had 16k plush puppies and after getting my collection and hopes up they stop the collection only to tell us that the Plushies would be usable in future events. You really expect me to believe they are going to remember and credit my 16 k puppies back to me? I want a resolution to this!! I want my damn Plushies back!!! When is this going to take place? What event? I screenshotted my puppies bc I didn’t believe you and still have the ss altho I won’t post here bc they aren’t used yet. But I want my puppies back! And to be usable. Is that really too much to ask? And I don’t know whose or what mechanism your using in matchmaking in this war but I don’t see my faction ever getting kapoor. Sadly. Also, please run the priya collection at least a month or so longer. I don’t want my 3400 cones disappearing never to be reused. Then I have to get 4k more to claim her a second time. Then 2k more to claim her once I do. These collections are driving me crazy. Thanks for coming to my yes talk.


Please let’s not forget about our lost beach balls, umbrellas, sombreros, and now the beacons of light. Gone.


The items don’t get removed when the collections go away, it’s why that one time people got Javier early because they had screwdrivers from a collection a year ago


The walking dead

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Dude the damn collection is there for 300 more days if u can’t get it by then u ain’t even trying

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Everyone needs to remember this and chill about their puppy dolls lol

You guys complaining about the plushies everyday should be careful what you wish for they’re gonna get fed up and just have you use them to redeem a choice box with 5* yellow Negan, blue abe and yellow Barker

And they’ll just go well we told you you’d be able to use them :man_shrugging:t2:

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This is oddly reminiscent of people complaining that they have extra keys now (hey u have a class pete) trying to suck the life out of every collectible there ever was is a bit much


Except when you already have him, and you continually get more of the same items as your reward, its basically giving you zero reward. So essentially, the harder you play, and further you progress, the worse the rewards get for you.

I don’t see why it would be so difficult to have it only award items that are still in the museum. Once you complete the collection, it should stop giving you those items. Or at least only deliver these items in choice boxes.

Easiest system would be a trade in collection

You got 100 extra keys? Turn them in for a choice box for 100 of whatever collectible you need


I love that!

Yeah that’d work as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah I understand that. The point I’m making is he’s the first I truly tried to get. And I got so close. They took the Plushies swearing that they’d be useful in future events. That’s my point. At 16,700 I would have a pretty good start on that next available toon. Just don’t like being told one thing then never hearing about it again. Lol

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Nah don’t care abt keys. Ain’t complaining abt nothing but Plushies. And that’s bc I like everyone else really put effort into it. And unlike other collectibles they said Plushies would be relevant in upcoming collections. I don’t think asking them to keep their word is really asking too much. :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol. Exellent point. :joy::joy::joy:

And I’m a girl. :slight_smile:

At least there’s a system. That did make me feel better.

Omg I never thought of that but dang your prolly right. I used to just play and ignore the collections for like a year, then the past 6 months I been interested and this was the first collection I got into. But you make good points. Honestly as long as it isn’t romanov I don’t know that the choices you have there would be that much worse. But still points where made here. Thanks.

Yeah I’m not looking for those ever coming back and thank you. I had forgotten but I did have a crapload of umbrellas and a few sombreros. Maybe vice versa. But still. Yeah I have given up on most of that. Lol.