I just need some advice for life

So basically I failed my GCSEs twice I can’t get a job because I have no skills including social skills and things ain’t good with my love life I constantly get rejected. Basically last year was shit. So basically what I’m asking for is advice for life (and please no negative comments)

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Best thing I can suggest for you is to look to volunteer at a charity or something somewhere. By helping others you can a real sense of achievement and will meet some great people in the process. Hopefully it will boost your confidence a bit and help you make some connections with other selfless people.

It can be really hard, but getting out and around others is really important. You could even go to a dog shelter and volunteer to walk the dogs, a great way to get out and you don’t have to talk to others too much if you don’t feel like it’s possible. Dogs are great for mental health as well.

Good luck, chin up and things will fall into place, but remember the first step is hard and you have to do that yourself


You are young dont sweat it. You have so much ahead of you.

Failing school exams is not that big of a problem, it seems it now, and is not ideal, but it is not the end of things for you, when going through C.V’s i dont really pay much attention to the school stuff.

There is things that you can do for yourself, to make you a more well rounded person, find something that interests you and get involved. And dont underestimate the power of the great outdoors, solo over night hiking trips, where you a relying on yourself is a great way to build self confidence, also fishing - man vs beast, and you can practice catch and release or take one home for dinner table, you will learn perseverance, time management, knot tying, ( shows co-ordination skills), weather reading, gear maintenance, also comprehension skills as you will need to adhere to regulations.

Finding a Girlfriend/Boyfriend ? Thing is a little more awkward, its been my experience that it plays out differently between different countries and cultures, what ever advice I can give you may not be relevant to where you are. What I can say is that it is not a Disney movie, where you decide you like someone, chase them and eventually they fall for you. It does not happen this way, you have been lied to your whole childhood! Certainly if you are getting the 'Feels" and you think they are the same, ask - dont die wondering, but if you get a negative response, drop it, apologize, do not keep hounding them - it wont change anything, and move on.

Social skills develop with life experience, if you can mix with people of different age groups, and cultures, amusing you are old enough, go down to the pub and play darts, if you going during a quite time, someone will take you under their wing and teach you, go and watch football games or cricket down there, ( but dont drink to much! they will think you are a goose).

Good luck to you :+1:


That “love life” subject is not important right now in your life, you cannot force this and shouldn’t try to force this. Sooner or later this will join your life by itself. First of all you have to like yourself, learning to accept how and who you are is difficult but needed in our life. Otherwise every little thing in your future life will beat you down.

I think you should take a look in to this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/how-do-life/201409/when-you-don-t-fit-in

And then read into this: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/basics/shyness

But you have to be open for this.


Learning to be kind to yourself and stop being so hard on yourself is key. Life is long and full of twists and turns. Nothing is permanent. You learn this with age. I used to panic when minor things happened like losing my job etc. Now I look at it as a opportunity to upgrade and I did. I went to college, got my associates and changed my whole life. And I didn’t do this out of high school. I went to college and studied philosophy and religion and was going to go crusade the world with the peace corps. When that fell through I figured my life was over. But it wasn’t and it had a whole lot in store and still does. Every interaction you have on a day to basis can lead to wonders or worries. Its all in your mindset. If you don’t think your good enough or are going to fail, then you most likely will. Don’t put unneeded burdens on yourself. Look at life as a adventure bc that’s exactly what it is. Do the best you can with the time you have and roll with the punches. The only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things. And put yourself out there with positivity. Thats my best advice.


Also. Talk to your instructors and see if you can retry to raise your grades. A lot of teachers will work wit and tutor you on subjects you need help with. You may not be able too, but its worth talking to your teachers and trying. A lot of the time if they see your committed to doing better it makes all the diff. Just talk to them and see what your options are. The only closed doors are the ones we shut.

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And you have to get yourself in line and learn to love yourself before anyone else can.

I would advise to quit this game for a start. Imagine what else you could do with your free time. Others above this post have some great suggestions.


Just by telling us this stuff you have some of this. It takes time to get better at it.
If people are rejecting you,in a twisted way you are free from the drama.
You can do whatever you want with your life without being tied down or commited to som1.(they will come to you when they see you living your life the way you want).

Start with something small.
For example:I started to workout cause that’s always something I wanted to do.Results=GREAT.

Things might be shit for a long time but you can do shit to fight that shit then your next year won’t be such crap.

While I haven’t got rich and famous Myself. I’ve met rich people and they help me :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about not having passed and GCSE’s and know quite a few people how haven’t and are doing fine the best thing to do is once you get a job be polite, respectful and always show willing if they need some to do something do it, no questions asked and then you are more likely to keep that job or even get promoted.

Also it is sometimes not what you know but who you know.

No more zero days.

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Find jesus bro

… or visit a local Buddhist Temple. Which may help more in his case.

One advice, uninstall all games . Sell your PS4 .
Stop living in an artificial life. Go outside .
It will be harder at first 3 to 4 weeks then it get easier each day .


this isnt always the best thing to do :joy:

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My opinion is find something you’re good at, if that’s not possible find something you are decent then, you need to work hard, hardworking beats skills


Might not seem like it now but everything that’s happening is leading u to where u are meant to be, keep hope because it will all turn around in an instant.

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Bruh show em the dong. That works from time to time

Maybe should of been more clear but that what I do at work they ask me to do it and I do it if I don’t know how to do it a ask and get on with it.

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