I just need 6 more boxes

when will you give me my right
i just need 6 more boxes

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If you didn’t get him this time I don’t think you can blame Scopely :man_shrugging:

i just need 6 more boxes


I decided not to rely on RNG of the boxes and bought a couple of offers to make sure I got him this time.

Crates are always a crapshoot and it was a very limited time collection again

In the 2-day event, there were only 20 boxes left in the store for 1 day and I needed 26 pieces.

So you buy the 1st two offers and it would have been done - you can’t rely on RNG being kind to you, that isn’t how scopely roll. Ever.

Not saying it’s right but if I wanted Carl as much as you seemed to I would have made sure I got him

there were 40 boxes on the first visit to the museum
and people got him in 2 days.

I’m not trying to be a douche about it but there was still plenty of opportunity to get him still during this time around.

You can’t ever rely on Scopely to put the same stuff up as they had before

Carl to the muesum again please, is it certain this time tho?

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hahaha yes as you see this time definite

What a waste of money for a pretty naff toon. I pulled three snowman tokens from 10 crates and was left without Romanov. League and level coins too. Get on my F2P level bro.

6 box to museum plz


6 box is certain

No one care…

fuck it then

Its real bro!

No, it can’t end like this. This is like Dr Mekar going for 4* Allen - this needs to happen. For the good of the community give this man his 6 boxes. Start the year off on the right foot @JB.Scopely who knows the untold benefits this could bring


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