I just don't get it


What are you doing Scopely?

A lot of the changes you have made over the nearly 2-years I’ve played have frustrated me, but I could at least understand the reasoning. But lately…?

6* (at all) - fine, I get it. Need to have some sort of ‘evolution’ to the game. But boosting the stats back up to ridiculous levels? C’mon… We know you well enough to know that this first batch of 6* will be nearly garbage compared to what you will soon roll out. YET, they already render all but the very absolute best 5-Star (promo or otherwise) toons nearly useless. Come on.

Armory/Level-Up - it has been a truth ever since armory feature was launched that weapons made the team. In many cases a great set of special weapons could outperform a great promo team (see our experiences during the horrendous airplane-mode period). All only made possible by that rarest of manna, Polishing Kits (pk) & Duct Tape (dt).
You knew this. 24-energy weapon parts maps (that many of us plowed stacks of energy cans into for very low chances at those precious pk/dt). 800 coins (bit over $10) for a <1/4 chance to pull ONE pk or dt in that occasional offer box (as I recall them, & those were the better ones…). Coins and energy gladly spent grasping for 4* weapons from maps/supply depot to tear apart for that minuscule chance at a pk/dt.
Now? 5 of each for reaching level 105. Assuming very good odds on those 800coin boxes… over 30,000 coin worth of armory gear. $300 on a good coin sale. At 110? 10 of each. Using same baseline, $600. 115? 15 of each. A free gift that would cost your former paying customers nearly a grand.
Good lord. But, at least there is the difficulty factor to lean on. Even if my opponent has 10 pk/dt, it might take all of them to get one stun gun.

And today? 0 energy roadmap for pieces that you can trade into the museum for… A STUN GUN (tbf, a chance at one). Not just a stun gun, but one with that as a base stat. So, a stun gun that is always going to be far more valuable than one I craft myself. But whatever, I only paid coins for the same one when it was a Promo Weapon Cache offer…

So, the point of this post.
What are you doing?

Seems clear that the goal is to ‘even the playing field’ between your F2P (free-to-play) and P2P (pay-to-play) players.
I’ve had the great pleasure of playing with some of the very best F2P players (well, monthly pass) over the years. It took work, but some of these kept pace and outperformed many of the lower/middle P2P players. TBH, you (Scopely) have actually done a fairly decent job of this - from my perspective at the least. Weapon part maps, token events with good toon rewards, etc.
But now? With current 6*, with current armory gear (on top of every region having territories for craft bonuses), with how you’ve spewed ascendance medals, etc, F2P is basically on an entirely even field as your most dedicated (or rather, stupid) Prestige 13 customers.
Well, we say, maybe all of our expensive (now garbage) 5* promos will be the next 6*… scopely won’t fully abandon us, at least we can keep up without needing to do new pulls! Nope. You give us a list of upcoming 6*… I count one, ONE, that was ever even a decent promo (if a promo AT ALL) - Kal.

So, what are you doing?
You’re pissing off your base of paying customers. Exciting the non-paying ones (will they start buying coin? I doubt it).
New regions are new and active already (so not seeing this impacting any active-user metrics).
Where is this going? Because from where I sit, the best I can fathom is that you are trying to change the overall “meta” & doing so from some sort of scorched earth position… if so, you’ve really messed up.

P.S. Please, none of the dumb**** “YER AN IDIOT FER PAYING MONEYS!” replies. I’ve played this for long enough that I fully expect my purchases ‘depreciate’ over time (I easily recall a time of Samurai Jesus being a complete game-changer any P2P needed to have - & I’ve never complained 'til now). But never, did I ever think that the devaluation would accelerate as ridiculously as it has over the last month or so…

I just don’t get it Scopely


When I don’t get it I normally watch PornHub for bit. Everything that has been done recently only leaves speculation as to what’s next.

I’m assuming you will flip out once they unveil 5* weapons.


So you expect it to be the same forever?

WoW, LoL, Dota, etc… Every game needs to evolve, those game use seasons to create new content and sell new equipment or skins or whatever. I don’t get why you cry for something that you bought (probably months ago) before, for me, it looks like you are crying because people are stepping up, yes the breach is closer between F2P and P2W, but not for long, already many spenders have tons of beautifuls weapons, and probably soon the game will realease 5* weapon, so you can spend your money to achive first something that can be achive by beeing F2P.


I think most of the changes you mention have made the game better and added more intrigue into the game. The availability of once-hard-to-get items and characters is creating much more balance in the game between players, allowing for more competition.

The imbalances between players and factions that the game neglected for so long is what probably caused most people to quit (besides players quitting for personal reasons). The 6*s and all the other new content has been alleviating those imbalances.

As for the players that put their whole paycheck into this game, the whales are still allowed to be whales in the game. There’s still a hierarchy to players, and that’s fine. It’s just more manageable now in my opinion for the general playerbase.