I just bought an exclusive character

I just bought an exclusive character and it was 4.99, but I was charged 5.43 and didn’t receive the character. Do I have to wait for the character? Or did something go wrong?

The 5.43 is tax… look in your inbox… is he there?

Ive been checking but it’s not

Then he should be in your roster. That’s weird. If he’s not you should message support.

Some have had the same problem I believe.

I’m assuming you bought this character?

Thanks, imma message support!

He isn’t

When you bought him the character went straight to the trash and the £4.99 to went to Scopley. kEep On SuRvIvInG

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I don’t think ive been charged tax ever. It’s always the exact price taken out.

I always get charged tax… 99.99 for a coin pack is really 108… maybe it has to do with the state you live in?

Wierd. Whether I use Google or credit card it’s always the 19.99 or whatever. Possibly state or maybe apple vs Google idk


It does matter, where I’m from it’s 8¢ for every 1$. So a 99¢ offer is actually 1.07 and so on

He’s probably in your roster. He will be a 5*. You have to level hi to 6*

when i buy something i tap the word tax under the price and it reloads and says no tax…same price…

Actually this specific offer is 6* at purchase. No need to ascend.

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If I paid thru Samsung Pay, I was taxed. Switched to Google Play and haven’t been taxed since.

That’s so interesting. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I have iOS but I can try google. But I still think it has to do with me living in NY.

It always says on my purchases “+ tax”, but I’ve never actually been charged tax. I use Google Play in Missouri. Also side note, anyone that uses Play should sign up for Google Rewards. Sends you surveys and gives Google credits when you complete them.