I implore you good sirs sirettes, make gator great again

You see, for a very long time, gator has been the best meme in the game. Therefore when I heard that gator was getting a 6* version / ascendance I was very happy. Good sirs I humbly suggest that you consider making him live up to his true potential as a meme and a character. Whether that be making him an overall amazing 6*. Or at least make him live up to his name, and give him an awesome costume design with alligator teeth and hide that he procured himself.
Once again I implore you to make gator great again!!!

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That one will be premiere version “road to whailing #33”.

Should just make him and actual alligator. At this rate we won’t see him for 2 years anyway


Well they have a frickin tiger so surely making him a shapeshifting alligator with camo isnt too much of a stretch lol


Sorry to get off topic, but come to think of it, it would be pretty cool if you had different looks and costumes for your toons.

I dont care about other characters I just want gator to prove all the gator haters wrong. Hes the ugly duckling

I have two of him and tear comes out of my eye as I touch my screen and just whisper “soon”

Could Gator be the first 6* shield?

Deep Camo was decent back in the day for walker levels, why not bump him up to Guardian II or shield ?

Make Gator great again!

All gator is is living proof that the developers haven’t got a clue about their own game.

I know you’re mad at scopely but dont take it out on gator. What did gator do to you :triumph::triumph::triumph:

@CombatDevIl what specialist skill would you think is right for an alligator gator? :joy:

Lighting reflexes. Alligators have fast reaction speed.

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I am here to support your cause. Transfiguration, or shapeshifting as you call it, is completely possible. I myself can turn into a bat. At 135 years of age I am but a relatively young vampire, some of the older vampires can basically turn into anything.

One time I heard about this vampire who turned into a chair and ate the unlucky scmuchk who sat down on his lap.

Or maybe that was a wizard in Harry Potter. I’ve heard a lot of tall tales in my day, everyone thinks they have a better intro story than “Hi, I’m a vampire.” Bill Compton here, aka VampireBill. Nice to meet you.

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Guardian gator would be cool. Also make him a medic, and stun active skill…

Well just think about it, they only ever said that human transmutation was impossible. Therefore we may be able to create a alligator from the ingredients of life without you know, losing our bodies and being trapped inside a suit of armor…

If he doesn’t at least have crocodile shoes I shall be disappointed.