I heard a new 6star on the way? Could it be the governor?


Who will it be I wonder?


It will be glenn vk confirmed that :slight_smile:


I think it will be 6* dale



I heard it may be gator ???


Nope. It’s a new 6* based on Logan Paul. Scopley was soo intrigued by his videos that they decided to add him to the game. Next will be Pewdipie after that.


Any news on adding markiplier and will he be possible 7*?


Hell yeah. Scopley’s new surviving toons will be based on youtubers and super fans of the show. They already did poki, matt, and Yvette which is weird lol.


Indeed, probably comics are lacking characters lol



Burn phone.


Already uninstalled last week but I’m definitely not burning my phone. Hahaha.


Nah, that’s what I’d do if that happened in the game


Oh I see it was glenn now he’s in game…weird that there was no news on it guess scopely finally plugged their leaks


He was kind of announced many months a go thru YouTube thru the leaks on there


Dennis trust me I would know I look around alot


Haha my bad


Thank you Dennis no trouble from u


I may do him since I’ve had him maxed already my other 3 I’m doing still need more leveling at 4 tier


U sound like a real pro at this game … god bless


Ha! Put some heal reduce on that, make sure he stays down