I haz returned - responses incoming

What did my time away tell me.

  1. Forum users & Scopely don’t enjoy humor. Truly disappointing.

  2. Game is boring as hell

  3. Forums are pretty lackluster as well

So responses coming to this thread from stuffs and things I saw posted over the last two weeks.

Stay tuned. I’ll try to keep humor out of the responses as politeness, sarcasm, and general having respectful fun was not appreciated.


Let’s start here.

Yes weapons are not balanced VS each other but we all have choices of tunes VS weapons to make. Actives made things easier to get around than ever before. If anything. Wait til 5s weapons to see what they do. I would anticipate confuse and taunt in the mix since every toon seems to have these locked and loaded. Why not weapons.

Really cool. But that Andrea pose is a bit odd. Definitely out shined the developer poster =-). Great job.

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Yeah but is ghosting still going to remain? Guess soft teams during raid tourneys will be over. Imo raid tourneys are boring and painful if you are actually trying to win.


Yeah being dominated by a few factions as one would anticipate happening. Would have been better if they all end at the same time as well as over 24 hrs cause of the damage increase. But I’ll assume this was by design.

We got Scopely’d on the first Benedict grab. Spent more holding than a weekend in war. After that we haven’t cared… Sucker we are. Oh well


Global chat is poison. Treat it as such and then trolls leave and everyone is friendly.

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No unless game breaking they launch 1 per week so inevitable that they become obsolete with time

Doesn’t matter we will adapt and players will complain. The 0 buff or scaling buff by occupancy would be a great change.

We will still ghost at start cause keeping it from our opponents is more important than the buff themselves.


Preach my friend


Happens to us all. Reasonable. Idk but is as it is.

Tin foil hat ON - this is Scopely trying to catch players willing to exploit external means to gain free coins.

Tin foil hat OFF - he/she/they are the region entertainment at the moment. So please let’s let him/her/them be and thank him for his service.

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I’ve accepted at this point that they have done the calculation on investment VS settling for prizes.

Milestones for excellent rewards and excellent placement solves this but engagement does not necessarily mean $$$$.

Players fighting for that last obtainable slot before massive drop off = $$$$

  1. Ascend Rick RTP first - faster you kill opponents fewer attacks you have coming your way. Also his defense is reasonable. Slap absolute defense Jesus blade on him for defense and 30 atk + 30 spec atk + huge AP gain when attacking for offense.

  2. Maggie should just tank, and is a great defense addition. I would recommend huge when attacked, huge when attacking, and absolute defense as the taunt is impactful and her indomitable+split should keep her alive without issue.

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Well you made it. Now that’s persevering through it all. Be interesting if they adopted a build but suspect it won’t fit into their power curve meta. And at current rate 7s will exist or game will close before we get to the first half.

Note your pictures are badass in the follow up series. Should definitely keep it going.

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I’ll tell you I hate the legendary designs. When you tiers a 5s they got more rugged like they were surviving in the post apocalyptic world. 6s make them seem like movie characters.

Speed racer mirabell
Indiana Jones ezekiel

Honestly every tier makes them look more stupid. Neuter gov at tier 1 and 2 looked cool. T3 and T4 he looks like a toddler wearing an army hat.

Legendary toon designs are a huge miss imo.


Why Soo Many Warssss???

Even during Easter Weekend! Can this be changed

I spend a decent amount of time thinking through how they would interact with a given scenario to make sure I ascend useful toons. Less so in defense these days as the game has turned to more of a speed raid format over a finely polished defense.

Each release I consider how that new variant may weigh against my line up but at this point its pretty second nature. Every so often I’ll plug it into my AR calculator and see how I may tweak with different weapons but that’s mainly for double checking my first pass look.

Adapt and thrive. Wouldn’t say it’s ruining the game now any more than it ever has. Although powerful the can all be overcome and like anything you can get rng screwed but that’s what actives are for. Rebalancing the unbalanced.

Consolidated spam?