I havent done this roadmaps from winter with snowballs am i missing something worth it?

I havent actually look up to this event that much, but as far as i understand its doing daily roadmaps and assaults in order to change this snowballs and other items for upgrade items, its just that it or am i mising something else? Dam i miss the good old scopelly events, something to get exited, at least they could have done like the last time when they gave an elite token daily, that would be interesting

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Well, if they decide to sneak a good toon in the wheel or gift with robot, you might regret it. I’m hoping Christmas Shiva will be for everyone.

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Not going to happen, sir Lmao. :smirk:

lolololol. And what, my dear, are you smoking? May I have some?

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i heard all toons comes free to all, and if toon have 5 and 6* versions you get bouth. also gift back what contains gears enough to level up all to max and food to do that plus 1 miljon 3* tokens to get fodder toons for those, happy cristmas!

Don’t be disappointed because that’s not happening. They aren’t going to sneak a toon in. The nugget event was the ascendable. They did that too take focus off how horrible the Christmas event is. It’s 12 days of stuff that honestly u can get off elite tokens or Sr crate. There is 1 thing on the wheel worth getting and 99.999999999% won’t get it. Everyone will wind up with a piece or 2 of gear and that’s it. They could have made this an epic event and really went with 12 day theme. Instead they thought of bare min things they could give. Only day so far worth anything was the 5* tokens. Everything else is something u can get everyday by farming or in territories