I have two fully maxed out five stars who should i ascend


I have a 5 star yumiko and rick (rise to power) one has good attack the other has a good lead skill




is she better competitivly


… Neither or either.

They are nothing special, whichever one fits best into your current line up. Since these are your first legendary toons, focus on your improving your current strengths.


ricks leader skill pushes you towards all fast team, which limits his use and practicality…blue toons kinda fit in everywhere and yumi has a fast rush so i would probably ascend her first, unless you plan on running mostly yellow toons.


I only ascended yumi because I wanted the level up points, but she’s better than I expected.
Only ascend rick if you have 4 fast toons to put behind him and no Carl or Vincent.


thats the only reason i ascended rick


Unless you have a ranged team, rick all the way.


Yumi is a great toon. Fast ar, hits hard and has a t2 active confuse. If your f2p and your gonna run ranged she’s worth the upgrade.


rick does have elusive and with an att. buff weapon he hits heavy. mano y mano he stomps yumi every time.


Haven’t ascended either but I’ve heard from others that Yumi’s burn has won many a raid that otherwise would have been a loss


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