I have to download a 192Mb thing almost every time i start the game, it would get to around 80% and restart, it finishes if im lucky

I had that occur it. My phone storage was almost full once I clear something’s it stopped

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I have to do it every morning for about a month now. Doesn’t restart though. But takes waaay longer than that amount of data should. Also mines 189mb not 193… Weird.


I get it too, but havent fixed it yet

Gotta agree with @Alexander here. First thing to do is clear space on your device.

BRUH I ALWAYS HAVE THIS ISSUE WITH Kindle. Except the â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  thing thinks it needs to download 5 times. I just close it and reopen it

It’s not a space issue

Seems the original game data files have been corrupted due of the many recent small updates.

Does your phone clear cache or something else automatically? It nevers happens to me but I remember on my old phone it would have to download around 190 Mb every time I restarted my phone or cleared cache

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Ya if you clear cache you need to reinstall all the additional files

How would I stop that from happening?

I haven’t changed default settings and it never used to :-s

Yeah i agree with you. Its not about space. I have enough space on my phone but the download still occurs. I also try to go to playstore (mine is android) to find if there is new update to the game, but no update. So what is this additional download for?

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There’s addition content than the original download. I believe it was for features once you reach a player level to unlock them

Are you sure you don’t have like 200 GB of used space on that :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Phones only 4 months old and I haven’t downloaded a huge amount of apps or taken a large amount of photos… So pretty sure.
Plus, well… The screenshot above :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you use any cleaner app? Or anything else that’s supposed to “speed up” your device? Do you have an option that turns off your phone at X and turns on at Y a.m.?

I would erase the game completely from my device and download it anew. Cannot say if this will resolve the issue in your case.

Yep I have a cleaner app but it is on the option where it will only activate manually so isn’t automatically clearing the cache every day. Don’t have an app that turns my phone off and on at certain times.

Might do just that and see what happens.