I have the 6 star rick rise to power and now need a weapon this is what i got

Should i get something new or keep it or reconfigure it

That’s perfect!


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That thing is horrendous. Use that same weapon but get Abs Defense, Huge when attacking and +35 attack


Cultist knife can have a total of 2 mods :man_facepalming:

It does look identical to the tactical knife I will admit

That’s mine. You can do similar with yours try for abs def and attack and keep very large.


thanks tripp

Works great on attack. Since I don’t have him on my defense team I haven’t crafted an AD version for him. That and my luck sucks for special mods.

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If you can get a yellow 4 star weapon, you will have better starting stats and you’ll be able to craft it 3 times instead of just 2. This will do the job for now though.

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how do i get abosulute defence

Defender level 3 special stat in the armory

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Save this. Its not everything but its got the only ones that matter.

Quick thing to rememer it’s defender 3 for every color except for green that’s slayer 3.
That’s ab def, impair, stun on defend, and lastly stun on attack.


That is correct it’s the only one you need to see don’t even bother with the other stuff now people have too many good weapons to be wasting your time

It can only have two wepon mods :man_facepalming:

Haven’t cared to add more attack to it yet. Used him a bit on offense but really isn’t necessary… Yet

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