I have not been able to log into the game for 4 days, and I'm not alone

To whom it may concern at Scopely

I am a customer… I am a paying customer… Each month for the last 4 years I have paid for your Monthly Pass… I’ve also been a Survivor’s Club subscriber since it’s inception… This is independent of any other offers I have purchased over the years, as well as the multiple promo toons I’ve bought… The point being, I am likely among your target audience when it comes to revenue generation from the game…

None of that, however, should matter when it comes to a reasonable expectation of customer support… A customer is a customer, whether paying or otherwise… Customers like the security of feeling that they are important… Customers deserve that feeling… Even if news being delivered to customers isn’t something they particularly agree with, as long as you make your customer base feel like a priority, even bad news is easily accepted… They do not want to feel like you’ll get to them when you get to them… This is exactly how dozens of your customers feel today after not being able to log into the game since Friday afternoon…

When war launched early on Friday, there were obvious issues… enough that a poll was created asking the community if a restart was preferable… A restart was voted for, by the playing community, but did not occur… Instead, after around 4 hours the issue was deemed ‘resolved’, and it was decided the war weekend would continue as normal… However, that is not where the story ends… In fixing one issue, dozens of players were then unable to log into the game at all… We would launch the game (on all platforms), only to have it crash before ever loading… We took to the forums, where the issue was acknowledged by Scopely Admins as being worked on… Once it was announced that the issue had been resolved and that anyone continuing to experience problems should contact support at https://scopely.com/customer-support those of us continuing to have issues did just this… And we waited… We are still waiting… We received nothing further than generic replies that took 8 or 10 hours to receive… I even reached out to @JB.Scopely via Line channels, but received no response… It became clear, and remains clear that there is in fact no one working on our issues…

As someone who is employed in application and software support, I know that when you have an issue that is affecting a wide number of users, best practice is to prioritize the resolution… if that means working past 5pm, or dialing in after hours, that’s what you do… After hours support is part of the industry… Particularly when there are still dozens dealing with an outage…

So, now it has come to this… Day 4 without being able to launch the application… I can only speak for myself, but I’d like to lay out the things I have missed in these 4 days:

  • A tracked login streak of over 3 years
  • Monthly Pass coins at the rate of 70 per day (since I have NEVER MISSED A DAY EVER, since BETA of this game, I do not know what happens to those missed login days)
  • Diamond League demotion, and the lost 360 coins that come with that placement
  • Survivor’s Club pulls at the rate of 1 per day
  • I’ve missed Masks, Lucilles, Bandages, gear roadmaps
  • Countless War Crates (I typically score between 500 and 700k during war)
  • All War Milestone rewards, aside from the ‘compensated’ 50k (which I’d already achieved before these issues occurred)

These are the things I’ve missed in the 4 days I’ve been unable to log in… some of those things I cannot get back, such as my login streak of which I was quite proud…

I’m not one to typically be concerned with ‘compensation’ from Scopely when something happens to negatively impact my gaming experience, however, in light of what I missed (not to mention the dozens of other players who missed the same), I’d like to try to put those items into perspective:

  • 4 War Refills - I have 250 War Refills
  • 6 Trainer Crates - I have dozens of unopened Trainer Crates, with a roster population of well over 1000
  • 3 Bronze Mod Boxes - These are useful only to sell for scrap
  • 5 Silver Mod Boxes - These are generally useful only for scrap
  • 2 Epic Trainers - I have nearly 600 Epic Trainers on my roster
  • 50,000 Ascendance Medals - I have around 4,000,000 of these
  • 50 Legendary Medals - I have around 4,000 of these
  • 1 Military Watch - I have hundreds of these
  • 1 Hand Crank Radio - I have hundreds of these

So, while the compensation is appreciated, it’s usefulness is questionable… Particularly when put in perspective against what I have lost over the last 4 days…

But more than any of that, I want to feel like I matter as a customer… I want to feel like I’m a priority to you… I want to feel appreciated…

And unfortunately, I cannot say that I do…


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

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Here here!!! Couldn’t agree more, have also been locked out since war began, probably lost my position in the level up tournament and missed out on a faction assault my faction started. And exactly as u said, feel like scopely don’t care. I don’t even have total faith that they will fix it so that I can get back on and play




Agree with all…Fix your game Scopely and treat your customers as you should, with dedication and appreciation




Agree with everything u have said


100% agree. I’ve been locked out since start of war as well. Biggest thing that hurts (to me at least) is the login streak. That was a dagger to the heart.


Yes, by far the biggest loss to me, is my login streak… Until Saturday (I was able to log in half the day Friday), I had never missed a day in this game… Ever… Long, long before they started tracking it in game…

I don’t like having to eat the league demotion… that costs me coins…

I don’t like having to eat the SC pulls… I’ve paid for those…

I don’t like missing the 70 coins daily… I paid for those…

But losing my login streak truly stings… I cannot get that back…

Maybe that’s something Scopely can fix… maybe not… waiting to see how this story ends…


This is why spending needs to stop. They could & did careless about the 11k locked out all weekend. They used your money to go partying during the lock out. Fixing it on monday is ridiculous, this wasnt a player error, it was a game error. There should always be someone on hand to monitor these kinda of things on the weekends & communicate, once again the “c” word. Customer service is a joke & a slap in the face, automated responses are not ok for the amount of money people dump into this game. It is also sad that “11k locked out didnt matter.” Because it was a small number, yet players are their top priority. 1 locked out matters just as much as 11k or 100k…

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Wouldn’t even say fixed Monday we’re all still locked out

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But its being attended to…vs not.

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They are so stingy that they couldn’t even upgrade those bronze and silver mods to gold, despite the fact it would have cost them nothing.

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Perhaps the most troubling and disconcerting part of this entire ordeal has been the lack of communication regarding the issue… we do not know if the issue is being worked on, we do not know if there is an estimated time to resolution, we do not know it we will be back in an hour or a month… solid communication is the key to effective customer support… and given the current temperature of the player base, would also potentially move the needle in terms of working to repair some of the damaged relationships we are currently seeing… if we could at least have someone give us a status update on these repairs, many of our minds could be put at ease…


Bravo very well put together and says exactly what we are all feeling


I totally agree. There has been a huge lack of communication from Scopely and it does not feel like we are important to them. Nor do we know if we will be compensated for our unfair losses. I have never spent so much money on a game in my entire life like I have put in Scopelys pockets for this game.
I do not feel appreciated as a customer at all in this whole ordeal and I really ask my self it it was worth it when we get treated like this.


My IT department is on call 24/7. There is no way an issue like this should be going on this long.

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Well said Nance. #PlayersUnited

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Here’s a good compensation.
1,000 coins.
500 War coins.
6 RAID gas cans to get ahead.
One free war pull.
And 210 missed coins from the login paid back.
And that demotion redone for that.
And your coins back. ■■■■■■■ bullshit scopes. If this happens me to You’re not getting my summer job money.


Sounds good to me :smiley: