I have no one to ascend to 6* :(


Well not no one, I have 2 dupes. Blue Kenny and Blue Lee. I think this is the first time for me. Only thing left is to upgrade my last few 5* or get gear to upgrade my existing 6* to Tier 4.

Is it generally good practice to keep duplicate 5* in case they get ascendable later or should I depot them? I’m not really hurting for roster inventory at the moment so I can keep them for now.

I have almost 90 5* with most maxed out at Tier 4. So many of my recent pulls are dupes, I have about 10 or so that are still at Tier 1 level 1 because I don’t really want to waste any supplies upgrading a duplicate character. Only really help with level up tournaments at this time.

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My personal rule is to never depot any 5* or use any 5* as fodder, you never know what will happen later on.


i save all epics too except duplicates and other rares like prestige michonne thank you for reading and have a good day


Dupes are everywhere now, use dupes to ascend characters and Benedict’s to lvl them up!


Yea I was curious about that. As I run out of needing benedicts I might use them to level up instead of ascendence fodder. Hmm…


Walker hordes got me a bunch of tokens and this is what came out my third…

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