I have an idea for ascendance

Make six star character ascendance open to multiple five star characters for example. Old red governor and new red governor can be ascended to receive six star governor. Any green 5 Star glens can be made into six star green glen. So on and so forth. This would open up the realm of possibilities and get people to stop complaining about the ascendance list that is never going to be complete.


I like the idea but it doesn’t make much sense. There will be multiple Rick 6*, multiple Glenn 6* etc etc

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Yeah but they have the list of ascendables all you would have to do is select the six star you want to ascend to if there are multiple red ricks. It wouldn’t take much from the list to implement. So two red ricks I want the indomitable one so in the list of six stars I select him as the one I want to ascend to.