I have a question

Let’s say that an enemy has 1000 base hp and 2500 bonus hp. Would Regina’s rush kill and decap that enemy? Does maim damage bonus hp or no?

It does not go against bonus hp.

I have a question too. Why maim damage can still be applied if a toon has a guardian shield on?

Because it’s not doing actual dmg to the character. It’s just lowering their max hp. Maim can be removed by 5* Tripp and Mackenzie’s adrenaline rush. If you are wanting to know how to reverse the maim dmg. Not sure if anyone else can at this time.

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Gabriel also removes maim.
But yeah if you look the maim lowers hp bar but damage done says 0. There was a bug for a bit the damage went through but they fixed it asap.

Maim doesn’t go though bonus hp which is bugged because that is how toons on a team are still alive but they lose or in my case my toons are still alive but I lose and I don’t even run out of time

Maim damage is interesting.

It does affect bonus hp but not directly.

If a toon has 2000 max hp, 2000 bonus hp, after 1600 maim dmg, they are left with 400 max hp and 400 bonus hp.

Maim affects maximum total hp and bonus hp mirrors that total.

I only have one active maim character i use atm and that is Nik. My Regina is on her way in a bit.

With Nik, i notice not only maim bypasses guardian shield buff as expected but what’s not expected that the maim dmg also debuffs the guardian shield. Is this a bug? I thought only actual damage can debuff a guardian shield buff. o_0

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