I have a question about the green carl with the thirty day pass

I bought it for the first time yesterday, and I’m advertised to receive a red carl.
Will the green carl replace the red one at the end of the pass, or am I getting the red one?
I’m asking because the old four star blue carl reward was replaced with the red carl, and those who purchased the pass recently at that point were awarded the red carl in addition to the blue one if i recall correctly.

He is not worth having anymore now but don’t be surprised if they tell you that what you purchased is what you get so they can have you buy another 30-day pass.

Keep surviving…

I’d like him very much.
I’m fairly new so his melee leadskill will be wonderful.

Right… have you not been reading all the posts about how scamly is resetting the game again? That shinny new Carl you want is just a gloried 4* in a 6* shell.

I hope you do get him though.


I’ll get steamrolled by spenders regardless.
I’d just like to build my team up.

I hope he helps you in your quest to whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

I seek eternal salvation.
But I doubt a mobile game can offer me that.


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