I have a problem with the transfer to another region

People, good day. I like the fact that playing this game, we find yourself friends, even from other continents. It so happened that my friends started to play in another region, And I want to join them to help them and give them tips on the yoke. The transfer in this region is impossible because it is closed to transfers. What do I do?:сонный:плач:

So I am guessing 1 of 2 things here…if you tried transferring during faction events it wont let you unless you are factionless. The other is did they join this region & totally start over as in player level 1 town hall level 1, etc?

They started playing there since the first level. And I’m in a different region.
I know that it is impossible to travel back in time, factional events. - they were not.

What region are they in?

from Elbert

I believe that is a region they made outbound only. So no one can transfer in. I checked to see how old the region was and it is 3 years old, so I am guessing its a region scopely wants to die out.

I understand there is nothing you can do?

Can wait until they open that region up

It’s a long time huh?

It wont open its exit only. Trying to find the transfer list.

There are other regions like that, seminole & sumter(think I spelled that right). So I would suggest them moving to you or you all find another region you all can together in.

They are unlikely to ever reopen regions that have been marked outbound-only.

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