I hate you scopely!


I am prestige 7 player. I have not YGL mission. I have not any 6* or ascendable character. I really hard worked. Complete all milestones for Dwight and Dwight riffle. With only food & survivors. That’s really hard. But this milestones… this is a blasphemy… You just say f** off to me. I am really shocked. No any way for complete that milestone. You really want lost players. You lost me.


It’s almost like you forgot that act 3 of the map opens in less than 16 hours that will give you 200 and that there is 11 more days in the event…

Plenty of time, you will be fine.


If they do indeed put Dwight behind a 1.25m milestone that’d be the end of this game. I doubt they’ll be that stupid.


Put this thread in the rant thread, so it could be ignored, just like the others.


Let’s hope there’s other ways Heart.
Best to wait and see.


There is no longer enjoyment in the game,every event has issues etc all we see is anger on the forum I’m in the same boat lost my ygl and I earnt it back but lost the gun as I couldn’t hit milestones and this Dwight one is out my reach too, I remember playing a 4* team and winning Tripp and Dwight I was over the moon doing this in the events,but now the events I’m not enjoying even the faction assault I’m in a top 20 faction but the tickets need to be given out more,scopely have dug this hole and all it’s doing is getting deeper now as they never listen to the players who struggle and lose momentum in game and then leave and that’s the feeling I have too


I’m almost at max player level, so I might actually end up slowing down at that point. I don’t think I have it in me to play for a third year, unless they do something unique. I didn’t even start Faction Assault yet; only watched videos of it, and I can already tell you that it’s boring and unfair. Some members won’t even get to join their first assault due to real life stuff, and I know it sucks to come home to realize that you missed out on an assault, and have to refarm. That is unfair, discouraging, and a waste of time knowing you farmed for those tickets spent on the assault, just to find out you get nothing out of it. Those who are late to an assault are punished damn.


I agree. Rewards should be given according to the rank you earned by farming those tickets. The ranking list should then be resetted after completing an assault.


Wow really? They were giving away Barker at 1 mil not too long ago and now we have to hit 1.25 for a few collection pieces. This is absurd.


I love you.


The point of this is… you MUST already know you have 600 shirts in the bag. Now you need 400 more. Problem is, scopely is being a bitch and made it so filling that 400 would be impossible. Remember, after level up it is Survival road for two days… after that there is ANOTHER SOLO LEVEL UP for three days!


Now, you may made it to complete the milestones for the shirt in survival road. But if this is anything to say, then the level up milestones will not be fulfilled.

You sir, are a horrible cold and inconsiderable person.


How am I a horrible cold and inconsiderable person?


Lmao. I don’t get it either. Maybe they think you’re being to cocky by thinking you’re going to hit all the milestones in the next level up, but you probably won’t be able to because Scopley isn’t being fair. That’s what I get out of their post. XD


Ohhh just you wait buddy


I not being cocky at all, I’m just saying there is plenty of time to get vests lol

Lvl up
Sr tourney
Lvl up

And thanksgiving event in the middle of it…

(I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a double event this weekend Raid / lvl up and throw in vest pieces)

I’m not cold!


I know. Was just translating what he probably meant. Lol


I wish I had your level of faith man!


It was mostly a side joke on good old comics but seeing as you didn’t get it… meh. Go find humor for the last part, I already explained why your view on the roadmap was wrong. That, and it seems you are forgetting how time works. Just to point up:

1.When you saw the roadmap you have to know that you will get 600 shirts no matter what
2.We have two solo level up incoming and one will last for three days and the other for two. If in both level ups you don’t make it to at least the 1.000.000 milestone then chances are you will be lacking 300 shirts or 250? Meh.
3.The dwight event will be there for 10 more days, 5 days we already know what events will be dropped. Survival road may save us by giving us 200 shirts and the last two days of the event we may have chances, small chances. Of it being raid and getting the last shirts.
4. There may be chances of them dropping more shirts but we aren’t really angry at the shirts per-se. We are angry at how the milestones are distributed. Never before have I made it to 1.000.000 and many others are behind me on this. Not even with two 6* I make it to more than 730k… So, yeah. They fucked up the milestones pretty damn bad. Are all level ups gonna be like this? THink of the future. This sucks, a lot.

Anyway, when you read that final part you needed to read it with a snobby and pompous voice. It wasn’t intended to be an insult but a subtle jab to make fun but oh well. To everyone their own and shit.

P.S. There will be 5 more days which they haven’t posted what will be. So chances are, we will see some raids and another war and we need to have hopes of them giving us shirts there. Don’t raise your hopes thou. Because they didn’t give us shirts in the last war. I’m mostly having a 50/50 view on them giving us the shirts, Learned to never raise your hopes up with scopely. Sometimes they strike you down with pay to win offers. Like michonne’s head.


Wait till VK shows the next event milestones, and hopefully the lvl will still be running. Then we can have a little more info to work with.


I just wanted clarification, I got it!

The joke absolutely went over my head lol

Too much negativity lately and I was trying to keep the peace :wink: