I hate survival road events

I hate survival road. Boring, repetitive. it shouldn’t be whoever gets most points gets too spot as you can be easily overtaken, instead it should just be a race to see who can get to Legendary Level 25 first, no points earned after. This is unfair and makes me lose sleep tbh


I hate survival road too but simply because it’s so damn boring.


Sounds like a personal problem



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I’d rather do Sr instead of a no help war.


Worst thing about this boring sr for me is that I can’t play them in automode cause of all these reflect damage and payback toons

The problem with SR is that the league trophies for the tops 1-6 are too high, meaning that if you place yourself in those positions in leagues, up to 5 crazy people will come out of nowhere that will easily send you from top 1 to 6 in a single SR event, which is too frustrating.

I just hate switching teams every stage. We should be able to import teams like we do in arenas.


If it was who finished first then the timezones who are asleep when it starts are utterly buggered.
I agree that it’s boring and repetitive. If they got rid of reflect and payback it would be less irritating.

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SR succcks


If you dont like it.

Dont do it.

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If it were only that simple Steve. If you don’t participate you blow your league standing and they know it.

How about they make it better instead. Give us a damn dedicated SR roster already and make the rewards worthwhile again like they used to be.


I might next week. Had to get Alpha this week tho

I also think SR is lame. I get to farm tokens for plat mods by the end but getting there is a real bummer.

Yes sir that’s what I hate about it

This is the worst part for sure

I mean I’m not in like diamond cuz I’m not super hardcore about stuff like this.

Just couldn’t agree more, it’s just so boring💯

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