I hate raid events


Why in every raid event you’re constantly battling the same person and having to burn through some many cans just to get rewards that’s not even that great smh


Not exactly Scopely’s fault you battle the same people, get a better team grade or something to go against others (Not exactly sure how raid matchups are made, that’s just what I think).


However the rewards could be tons better. Just wait until leagues get released, should make raiding better.


Better than levelups at least :man_shrugging:


It won’t but it will make it more rewarding.


I doesn’t matter about the grade i have teams from a++ to s4 I’ve dropped it to the lowest and i still keep fighting the 10 ppl no matter how many times i hit find a new opp its just not fun and it takes too many cans to hit milestones


You can’t straight up drop your team grade to raid different people. It’s more of an experience type thing, like your level, grade, game time, etc.


Happens, I pretty much exclusively face the top 5-10, with the occasional blessed soul who has a Darlene lead. Either need to quicken up your attack team or slug through.


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