I hate Arenas now

Old leagues were easier to deal with. Now if you arent a whale then you dont get any victories and no way to advance as the whales keep everyone else down.


sounds like a personal problem


ill try to be a little more sensitive

yes, the top players will take the top rewards. Arenas are, by design, a competition.

That being said, the new format is supposed to be bring back a lot of what was going on prior to season 11. Hopefully, the ability to get demoted again will eventually shuffle players back into a bucket that is competitive at their level. If you find yourself unable to compete in a stretch, maybe you could lay off and get yourself demoted down a few levels.

Must be slightly better now all whales should be in D1 now, whipping my butt😂

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Mine too… :smiley:

That’s why the suggestion was made to give more rings to the lower ranks, that way, not only will the same old junk get rewarded. :wink:

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