I Guess the Team said No - Regarding the Roadmap

Continuing the discussion from Poll - As requested by KaliShane regarding the Roadmap:

This poll had 244 votes with 95% of the community asking Scopely to spread out the roadmaps instead of clustering them all into Thursday.

Here is the roadmap for this month. Pay special attention to this Thursday.

That’s 5 Roadmaps on the same day. I’m including shirts and gloves. Two of them are very costly in world energy and while none of them need to be completed we all know they need to be completed. They are not optional no matter what some people might say. We need the mats, we need the gear we need to farm shirts and gloves for all the level ups.

Once again we have days with little or nothing to use energy on. The fact that Scopely insists upon cramming everything into Thursday is ridiculous.

We need to send the message that this is unacceptable. Spread them out. You have nothing going on Fri-Sun and most Tuesdays are empty as well.

It also looks like there is no ultimate gear for the next two weeks either. What are they thinking?


Yeah and where is the ultimate gear map at the beginning of the week for the first three weeks in May?


Not written on there but we have them in roadmap now as you can look.

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Was talking to Rack

Yeah I am aware. I just feel like if it’s not on the calendar it won’t start on time on mondays. Kind of like what we experienced yesterday. But even if it’s on the calendar it might not come or start. So I dunno. Not sure what the point is anymore. Nothing seems reliable.

Vk is more reliable than the actual company itself, which is sad.


It’s all good

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I see no problems with this calendar! We ask for a calendar and they give us one and that’s greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Today’s war can roadmap isn’t even on the calendar

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After this Thursday they have a week which is very thin on all days, including Thursday (by comparison to this week). Then it’s back to Thursday focus from week 3.

I don’t understand the construction of the map.

Why is xp on there but no other dailies?

Why don’t they run:
Monday ultimate gear
Tuesday ultimate gear
Wed-Thurs elite rare gear (RNG farmable)
Fri-sat ultra rare gear (RNG farmable)
And on the seventh day they rested (or 6* gear!)

Why can’t they put silver ascendance on the same day as the shop (materials)?Why doesn’t it include gold ascendance tokens, at least fortnightly?

Why don’t we have a parts map every fortnight alternating with war energy on the items day (not shirts and gloves, the other one).

Why don’t they run a SR energy map every fortnight alternating with raid energy on food map day?

Character feature maps could start any time we’d-fri and run over the weekend.

Why don’t they automate it like the daily maps and forget about it.


I think something other than xp map for players already at level cap

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Or even better would be to just raise the cap again. Best would be to just remove the cap altogether. At least for me once I hit the wall in a game my desire to continue to play it stops.

The game has really become a second job to me. Very little joy to be had. It’s the same thing over and over. It’s gone stale and it’s a shame because I love the artwork an the core combat mechanics. It’s the grind thats killing it for me.


I agree with the OP and really hope this is implemented. I cannot stress enough the need for gold ascendence tokens to be obtainable on a roadmap. I currently have over 2.5 million silver medals so i don’t use the e on the current ascendance roadmap (would be interested to know the stats on how many people do run that map because I know many in my faction do not for the exact same reason as me). Please spread the roadmaps out and really look at what ones we tend to run and what ones tend to remain untouched as its valuable data scopely should be paying attention to


When was the last time any of us ran the lumber roadmap? Been well over 2 years for me… Seriously, there is NO NEED FOR ADDITIONAL WOOD!!!


I laugh every week when I see that stupid materials roadmap. Raid 6 times you have more than enough. Do SR yiu have more than enough. It’s absolutely silly how much wood we get from this game. :wink: :wink:


It is truly mind blowing how Scopely works with players feedback. Obviously there was always a fixation on bringing up as many as possible roadmaps on Thursdays as can be seen from @kalishane ‘s response a few months ago

Already back then various players tried to explain the issue.

If Scopely decides not to follow players feedback that’s fine. But it would show some respect to the people here who make an effort to contribute feedback to at least offer an explanation why they think it is better otherwise. Even if it’s only “it’s bad for business”.


There is no reason why the medal roadmap does not include gold medals as well. The amount given is also extremely low. It takes over 2 months to earn enough for half of one ascension. Why?

I’m the opposite. I have used a lot of the silver medals in 4-star ascension because I’m mostly f2p and I wanted toons like Siddiq. I also wasted a ton trying to get Clem for no other reason than because it’s Clem. Good news is after at least 15 tries I finally got her!

What would be fair is if the did the math and gave us enough medals every month to ascend at least one toon and then more opportunities to earn them through events.


The message is loud and clear. Stop giving us wood!


Always wondered if ANYONE at HQ looks at the statistics like;

“Hmmm, only 3 players in 150 regions have finished the “wood map”, is it too little wood, too much nrg, or what?”

Problem is perhaps the 800 hour backlog of “should havs” that is ignored by devs.

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