I guess it starts now!

Wow that’s 854 difference in stats to the original. That’s way bigger than 450.

I am telling you! they should add RNG to leveling up toons, the higher you level it the more the chance of your toon losing stats, rush levels and active levels :joy: so people will need special boosters to make sure they have a good chance of their toons not getting debuffed. Then Spooply can sell those boosters in bags with 99% chance of not getting those.

Let the moolah roll in :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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This is simply a money grab. Once all toons are upgraded, we are back in the exact same spot.

This contributes nothing to the game at all. Only the first run of each arena is free.


Unless you get arena tickets (as I stated above).

It’s not all about strong toons , the major deference between F2p and p2w is that p2w have an over power in controlling combats , (taunt 4 for 2 turns , focus for 4 turn to 4 …) While f2p … You know

Sure, but we’re talking about character promotions, hence why I said anything about characters getting stronger.

Now i can post that Amber pic to my hearts content :smile: and now we know when something like that is posted and scopely goes on a rampage removing every single post about it in seconds, its the truth.

So who is excited for more p2w? :smirk: it is what we have been asking for after all right?


Yup, people kept spending and scopely listened. So much for community feedback. The only thing they listen to is money. :roll_eyes:

30 levels, look at the ascendance tower and see the stats of 30 promotes

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