I guess it starts now!

Time for promotions I guess!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.50.21 AM
Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.51.27 AM

Does it have levels? Or just tiers

How many times can you upgrade? Because if it’s once per tier and 1 upgrade only adds 15 worth of stats, its not that worrying.

What is this? Something new? What else to do with a maxed out regina? How can or where you find this promote thing? Or is this just a troll post?


In beta (at least for me) you can only upgrade 3 times. In the actual game (since the update travels outside beta for beta players) the max level is 30.

You get veteran rings from the new Arenas mode that’s coming out. Those are how you promote characters.

30 x 15 (450 assuming it’s 15 boost for every level), is quite a bit, but not as bad as S class. Although I’ve heard you can put them on S class too?

yup its been confirmed! so no narrowing of the gap between f2p and p2p


Yes you can.

F2p characters will get stronger from this, but not as strong as p2p characters when they get promoted :joy:

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Don’t forget they will most likely be selling these rings as well

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Is this on a regular region or is this on beta as I still can’t see it

Beta for now

Beta testing it to see how many bugs they can insert into it lol

Arena access is coin dependant mostly, initial runs are free then one has to buy more runs, if i am not wrong. So whales, again have a clear cut advantage here to getting veteran gear way quicker than f2p to promote their OP toons and S class.
Veteran rings could have lessened the gap if we kept Sclass out of it, but yeah as always Spooply took a workable idea and corrupted it with their greed :laughing:


There are tickets that give you entry as well. These tickets are available from battles themselves as a random win reward and from the milestones.

Ok so this is what the beta version of Romanov looks like at max

And now this is what the actual Romanov looks like at max

Did i hear some RNG? :thinking:



Pretty much. It’s like getting a random basic token from raids or getting a war can from a war battle (not sure what the drop rate is though).

this game is all about rng, even if you try to load the game rng decides if you will be able to or if it will go in an endless restart loop.