I got Raulito :D

Of course, he’s still a 5*, but once I max him, the 6* one is mine. Not S-Class though. As a ftp, I’m just happy to have him tbh


Pretty mediocre without right team the s class is pretty ridiculous though

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I plan to have him as lead on a team with Christa, Lacerator Rick, and Lacerator Davie. Still deciding on the final team member


Yeah, I think I’ve got a team idea:

Leader: Raulito
Davie (Lacerator)
Rick (Lacerator)

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does that team seem good or nah?

If you’re going bleed/lacerator heavy, why include Christa… use Yellow Shiva and possibly swap in Ajax HS for Charlie to keep the attention off your lacerators.

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I have neither

95% of my toons suck

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Put bleed mods on crista and try for a splash weapon for her. When it crits will hit all adjacent toons and apply bleed

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Already had a bleed mod on her

but I can attempt to go for a splash damage weapon if I’m able to (might have to upgrade my armory and/or research the one that gives it

Slayer 3

thanks amigo

That’s cool Congratz

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thanks :))

Gotta get mine too.

I got laopo and I have weirdly found her more beneficial when attacking

She’s a pain in the ass sometimes

I’m considering going for her next, either her or a 2nd Raulito

Congrats ! :tada::champagne::confetti_ball::balloon:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Great control toon partner her up with James and camila and it game over most of the time

Don’t have James, sadly