I got Kapoor and may I say

Dang I like him. Not real sure where to put him. I have my main team which atm is Michonne Xmas edition, Christa s class, guardian Rick, Charlie and kirkman negan. I also have SC Andrea, fast yumiko, beta strong, mike strong, war wheel Carl, Camilla, Rick green, and Blue joshua , Red Ryker, and various others. Placing him is kinda hard. I’m not sure if I should pair him with Christa? Ryker? But I know he’s pretty good for a pretty much free sclass. I had to war 3 times and really kick it to get him. But I’d say good job scopes. As soon as I figure out what to do with him ill be in there.


How dare you! Dont you know you are only allowed to hate on everything and only allowed to complain! How dare you have a different opinion!

^Every forum user lol

No, but for reals, i like kapoor, he is a wall and after this war i will have him T3. His defense in his rush and his heal active skill have been annoying fighting against this war. Put him with Christa behind SC Andrea.


Spread the word. Kapoor is not Crapoor! :laughing:


I don’t have him, but I’ve played a lot against him in this war. Looks terrible on paper, but seems actually quite good in practice. Him and Christa together end what viability green 6* teams still had, and that active is beastly - usually heal actives aren’t worth anything, but that amount is very high, and with the stats these new characters have, leaving him unatteded for a moment can undo several turns of damage dealing. I’m quite impressed.


he’s free in the museum for everyone


I know, I just didn’t collect him.

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yep he is good and annoying, paired him with command toon should be good


So are we making his active skill or no


He is a strong tank. He can take several hits and it don’t take nothing away from him. I’m enjoying him. A lot. I’m working on plat mods to put behind him.

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He’s a tank. Thus far I love him.

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Correction everyone that plays wars and earns the minimal points. I had to fight 3-4 times but yeah he’s free to earn.

Lmao. Your so right. I have actually made 2 happy posts today I’m surprised I haven’t been attacked more. First was for the effort and communication they’ve been putting forward. And then abt Kapoor. I put him behind Michonne, Christa, G.Rick and Charlie and may I say wow. I also have blue Tobin, green hershel, yellow Shiva,I’m thinking of waiting to see who the put in leagues tomorrow and trying to work with that. I believe him, Ryker and christa will be apart of my war team. We shall see how hard it is to level him up. First time its 120 half rotted=3 whole heads. So id say that’ll be this week’s job. Lol. Thanks and have a good night!

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Yeah he’s crazy good. Way better then I thought he would be just reading abt him. Playing him is a whole other thing. Lol


Im gonna beef up kapoor with def mods

I have him behind SC Andrea … he gives 80% deffends to ALL toons. He rocks … love him.

I run a melee green team and had a very hard time at this war with a simple T1 Kapoor at every f*cking defense, not even to mention stun weapons

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Kapoor is really good for the F2P players who formes the major chunk of the player base. Of course top guys running twin Pete’s and all would find him crappy.

Had good defends during this war with him, behind Alice Christa and Ajax.
And I agree he’s far from Crapoop, with that def buff your attack team becomes your def one lol
I’d throw in a command in there

I know exactly what you mean, until this war I mained a rainbow bleed team with three greens. Tanky mods and lead, so I could use it against any team. Built it almost a year ago to handle Lydia/Jesus teams, and it held up through the Eric and Donny metas. Loved this team, got me to countless 200ks and it was fun figuring out how to handle new characters with it.

Well, it’s over now. With Christa alone, the first toon was dead T1 if she hit a crit, which my team could usually handle (that’s what got me through the first version of the new AI). Now with Christa and Kapoor, I started losing two on the first turn, and that’s just too much. Had to take something new to have a chance.

Felt a bit weird to use a different team after all this time, but it was also quite fun and exciting. Got to use some of the new characters I earned. Turns out that Michelle is quite decent, not just in roadmaps where she was an all-star for me, but can also work in PvP, nice!

I was quite dreading this war, but actually had a blast this weekend. Turns out that it is possible to beat teams with two s-class even if you don’t have any, and doing so is great fun. Still feeling a bit pessimistic; not sure if there’s a way to beat three once they release the next one, or people get enough collectibles to grab a third. But I’m enjoying the game while I still can.


Defensively he is good since then I have levelled him too tier 2 and I have also upgraded raulito aswell.