I got a infection from infection

Every since this new event abt Mr. Jones and his infection, I got a infection in the game. Its been kicking me at random times then reloads taking forever. What’s up with this? @GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely? Is there a upcoming update? Or is the game just going to keep kicking me sometimes at crucial points. Like the wangfa roadmap. And the event roadmap. Why is it all the sudden doing this? I’ve refreshed and all that. Just bought 25 gigs of data yesterday, know it ain’t my internet. And in raids it freezes up a lot. Help! Its always done this in territories. But its never done it in my roster leveling up or in rm. What else can I do besides refresh, reinstall, ECT ?

Pray, love, eat?

Clearing cache might help. Your phone‘s RAM is probably slow because of the game. Or you might have simply a slow connection from time to time.

I never thought of cache. Thanks ill try that.

Sometimes when it is abt to get a update it’ll do this the day before. Don’t ask me why. But that’s why I asked. Its also happened during pathways for a few days when it first begun. Not sure what’s up. Going to try cache. Lol

The praying part is right. Lol. I pray every time I log on. Lol.

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2D games doesnt need much ram

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