I for one am not surprized


Next promo




Lol fuck that shit seriously …


Go to hell scopely.

@kalishane this is unforgivable at this point. 5+ designed ascendable existing 5*s are in the game build… and instead you design and release a brand new toon yet again.

Early 2018 my ass…


Open up your wallet guys, time to pull till you drop! It’s 6* Reviver come on, Hunter is so yesterday.

Keep on surviving.



Am sure someone will be selling their car just to bring her home


Does she still have the exact same stats and skills?

Sighs… :money_mouth_face:


Gotta forgive scopely it was a typo.

They meant to type “3018”


really doesn’t surprise me all they care about is making money. won’t surprise me if they don’t release anymore old 5* into 6*.
@kalishane can we at least have a reply about when the next one is gonna be seems it’s been weeks since blue sid was released


it will be 5 weeks This friday So over a month with no f2p 6*


I think that we are 6 weeks out… we had the CRW with sid on OCT 13th. That would make it 6weeks not 5.


Called it


need to reach those quota’s


So much for wanting our “feedback” on her before release smh


need to learn they do opposite what we want… we asked no more level up, they put those more often, just wait for milestones to go high too because we asked to lover those.
all that is called “players not first!”


That’s actually hilarious lmao. Can dish out the promo toons in a heartbeat but the existing 5* ascendables have been swept under the carpet and forgotten about. By the time they release them they’ll be useless with the way the power creep is heading.



meanwhile in $copely HQ…


Did you call the sky being blue also…


Depends on the time of day