I finally hit 4200 Raid milestone. Yay :)


Finally was able to hit my 4200 Raid milestone using free energy, refills, and sacrificing sleep. I did buy one refill, and SD had fill to which helped. Two more masks for Shiva :slight_smile:


Maybe u fell asleep and woke up couple hours later?


Sir, get real and answer the question please. I was being nice about it.


Well being real no one is gonna come out and tell u how they hack. :man_shrugging:t5:


u just need a lot of cans and attacks one after another all day


I did 1400 in about an hour. So 4200 in 3 or 4 hours seems legit.


I think the fastest of raiders could be done in 3 hrs.


Used 22 cans. Lost only about 6. Got just over the 3000 mark. Took about 3 hours.


I got 4.2k jus through regular raiding. Its not hard when u have 80% of the premier recruits. Lol.


Just checked my leaderboard. 1st has a little over 4300 with 204 raids. The math came out to an average of 21 points a hit. So maybe Scopely upped the trophy number.


Yes, the extra levels over lvl 100 add points on for raid tournaments. 20+ is what i’m getting for lvl 115


Depends how fast your attack is, and what teams you face. Many unknown variables here, so it’s unfair to assume that someone is using cheats. People in my region have hit the top milestone already but I’ve been raiding at around the same pace, so it’s definitely possible.


Lol you’re right. :slight_smile:


Currently at 3K now, but out of cans. Y’all think I can make it with free energy? Lol


19 hours left, 4.5 hours per 6 energy. 1 energy = 20 trophies (avg). 25 raids left, x20 = 500 points. Unlikely, unfortunately.


Well, hopefully Scopley gives me some raid fill in the SD tonight.


Why does everyone who sees other people doing better than they are need to bring up cheating? Such an annoying trend.


Relax sir. I was just asking if they did. What the heck? Lol


Odds are overwhelmingly high that they are just better(unless you’re in coosa)


Agreed, Ive done about the same in an hour