I feel as though scopely is grossly misusing resources

How many new 3 and 4* toons have been released lately? Just looking it seems like a lot. Why create all of these characters instead of creating new 6* versions of legacy characters? How much better would the game be with another 20 legacy ascendable toons? I’m sure much better than it is with Farah, Mariana, etc.

Why not make the game grow for the people who have been playing it for a long time, instead of adding more characters that most players don’t care about, especially when there are an abundance of 3 and 4* toons already?


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Cheaper to release unused assets, or disappeared/rare assets, than to make new ones. Simple as that. Most of what was introduced was datamined a long time ago.

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They don’t want to release legacy ascendables like that. They want to continue the slow drip release of them so they can make a stash or premier wheel for all of them. If they release them all at once they can’t do that and it will cut into the only thing they care about… Money. Also they want to continue a steady stream of premier recruits and don’t want them underwhelming and underselling due to so many legacy ascendables options. I wish they would release more and do it quickly but that’s never going to happen.


Back in the old days…we used to have roadmaps for characters like these…just saying, back when I was starting out as a new guy those maps were a godsend


In fairness, if they would’ve dropped 20 characters at ascendence launch, they could be cashing in by selling somewhat better promos(like they already are for prior promos and legacy 6* toons). They could also be doing a weekly 6* stash for a legacy toon. Simply do toons that aren’t available in the supply depot lol

We need a roadmap to get 5* blue dwight, like roadmap we got for 4* back in the days

The one you can turn into a 6*?

they can’t make a roadmap challenging enough… if they do only the top will get it anyways, the status of the game makes it nearly impossible to recreate the situation of the really old school molly roadmap. back then grenades were still useful they could tip the scales. and HP refills could tip the scale as well… all that crap is obsolete now.

look at the war roadmap, so goofy… all bosses… whatever. they can no longer use roadmaps without blatantly cheating.

We still need a Carol 3* and 5*, a Gabriel 3* 4* and 5*, and most importantly a teenager version of Sophia. She’s been alive since the start and her only versions are both children. The collector in me would like some variety with toons. Every big event it’s the same comic characters getting toons. I get it Rick and Negan are big, but we don’t need 30 versions of them. Also At least release some noticeable characters from the comic because with Annie and Vincent I know who they are. They’re not necessarily big characters, but I would much rather prefer more versions of them instead of Jessie, Garret and whatnot. IMO it’s not team variety that’s a big problem, it’s toon variety. @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane @Agrajag

OG dwight 30atk 30hp lead

But here’s the thing, they could have used the unreleased 4* art on a newly designed ascendable.

Then they’d have to change the code. Rework their ar, make new designs for those characters, etc. Aka, more work for them, so no.

They could be not done that work to begin with and just done it for a 6*