I don't understand this

So somehow I missed a login stash day even though I have logged in 1158 straight days.


Mail support they normally can help you

The thing is you still need to go to offers and claim the free login token… if you forget to do it then you missed out. Evidently you forgot twice because there was 1 extra token.


I opened whole stash and have 1 left so I assume it’s yours xD


Lmao xD

Probably you just didn’t claim it , but it’s not your fault.
Scopley should send login rewards (I shouldn’t call them rewards cause they like s###) to inbox.
Like any other daily rewards


I completed the stash - claimed my 2 Lilith’s and then got another token the day after, not sure if its for the next stash? Or what was going on there?

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Yeah ive been saying that for ages… it’s ridiculous that they don’t

did you transfer and claim 1 before hand

They have a relatively short timer and who knows when they pop up.

Who checks offers every time they log in?


That’s because they want you to check all other offers. And by the same logic free offers (in most cases) are placed in the last slot.

Exactly and they don’t always pop up straight away. I was able to work out the exact time and it was a convenient one for me but for others it would be easy to miss.

There was an extra token because the thing went for 31 days… basically gives you room for error in case you miss a day (so generous of them)

It became a ritual for me after 10 days of this to claim both POW and gold bars after waking up (as pathetic as that sounds looool)
Sometimes those pop up on the screen and some other buggy days had to claim it from the store.
Extra pow token is now with jingle bells and plushies

It’s a carney-level game mechanic.
Shady as fk

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Fixed that for you.

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me too hahaha

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