I don't understand, help either Quills here

I have 3 red quills right now… I see a roadmap for the letter B… but I dont see that I need it…

What do I do? I’m confused :weary: . I need a T but I can’t train.

Dont use them until you see a letter you do need. What’s confusing


Buy the entry either for the letter you need when the map shows, or buy entrance for the orange feather road map. You can choose any letter you need w an orange quill

Got it, thank you. If I dont use these quills will they dissapear?

No red ones carry over all event, orange ones reset every section

The lack of maps that give anyhting other than A or B or G?

Did you think they were going to make the premium version of this easy to obtain or free?

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Well considering they are charging money for Quills, I figured they’d make it so you could actually use what you paid for. But I already raised a thread about that…

Hey man, no disrespect but unless you have some positive direction… don’t waste your time with me.

I’ll post anywhere I want so dont come to a public forum and tell people not to respond because you didnt like the anwser.

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I didn’t say you couldn’t say whatever you want to say. I’m asking you that when it comes to me personally… I don’t care to have those negative conversations with you. You free, but I’m not on that wave.

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