I don't mean to put them on blast, O wait I do

Got snude remarks to my comment about some hacks. We’ll how about this person and the others that have both or multiples of S class Christa and James? Don’t let these people keep cheating you. You think they spend a lot and most actually just hack the game. They add prestige to make it seem legit now. Don’t let it continue and taking away your enjoyment or any you have left.


Not only do they have multiple but look at the level of the toons. 150, not even possible right now.


Even the cheats don’t hide the fact that they cheating now :joy: because they know nothing will be done


this is useless to post here

Yeah brave as hell because scopely isn’t doing anything or giving 24hr bans


They will ban them eventually, scopley has been cracking down on cheaters and making efforts there just not as persistent as they should be.

Forgot i said a bad word :joy:

Never stopped you…


Sucks this happens and this is why .I never put big effort in to rank 1 anymore.

Untested personally, but I heard if you put them in your def in arenas, they’ll auto go to level 150 in your arenas def

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In draft arena, they will be maxed regardless of the true level of the character within the player’s roster.


You get a cookie :cookie::cookie: this is correct.

Still doesnt explain people having multiple Christas or Christa and James on the same team. Which I have seen on other posts as well


Now that’s a different story…

Not sure if this is real but wouldn’t be surprised.


Oh so that’s how you ■■■■■■■…

Because you disagree?

I could say the same exact thing about most to all of your incoherent comments.

You articulate why it is useless to show/post.


i say this not because i am disagreeing at all but we all do know that it does nothing to report here that is why i also did a post to show where to do a proper report if there is suspicion :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t believe there is anyway to draft a def team and I am pretty sure my Christa is maxed out at level 90 at t1. And that draft rules or whatever only says for the drafted toons on offense not anyone’s def.