I don't have neither magna or Lee in my updated depot

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you have to wait till pop up… if u have coins do the refresh. what comes out is always random so…

no, it doesnt work

All my friends has either magna or Lee in depot

lucky them lol

But they was suposed to be featured in supply depot?

In dépôt ^^

Sorry to say, you weren’t getting either one for 40k points.

Read the title

I don’t recall them saying Lee/Magna was supposed to show up 100% of the time. If they aren’t appearing this week, then maybe next week.

Magna is there for me.



Already have 2 Lee’s and 2 magnas. But was looking forward to seeing one of those fancy new platinum mods. Instead, I get to see this… Yay. Some bunk Sr food. Oh, and pulled my 7th Carrie today, 3rd this week, 6th this passed 2 months. Honestly, f u scopely…

Oh joy, 360k discounted plat mod, big savings, much buy

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My opinion they ain’t worth 300k esp when I have Lee already and how can they really help in this meta

Again these toons are out of reach for the players that really need them WTG Scopes👎 Ps I have them

Neither do I just got to wait

I have Lee. Of course I already have two of him (but no Magnas) AND he’s obviously not on any sort of sale, but “working as advertised” here.