I don't have a 6* human shield, who would you take?

Got a bunch of coins from the pathway event. Tried a 6 star pull cause I figured I’d at least get a 6* human shield from the bonus rewards.

But who would you take? Ajax, William, Magna or Jesus? I was leaning more towards Ajax or Magna, but open to ideas.

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Do you have a stun gun or impair weapon? That will make either Ajax or Magna more effective

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I have both! Couple Red Stun Guns and a few Blue Impair guns. Also have a few Green Stun weapons.

Green stun on attack is typically wasted on a green shield. I run an Ajax with stun gun and find it quite effective. Don’t have any of the other ones personally

Ajax weapin is bound so you have to add stun. But yeah ajax would be my choice

Ajax esp with stun. Jesus/andrea for 8% speed lineups.

Right. Forgot because I got stun on it first try so I keep forgetting I didn’t just give him a weapon.


Lol love when toons cooperate like that :laughing::joy: took me 3 tries on ajjax …cant complain lol

Also this thread has a few opinions in it as well that might help with your decision.

Like I swear bound weapons have some sort of counter that won’t give you what you want until you’re about to give up on them but Ajax was very cooperative.

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Magna is nice but Ajax is nicer. On the other hand, everyone seems to run with anti-stun mods so you might get resisted a lot more.

William is not good and Jesus is pretty decent.

Lol its the worse man… When its a bound weapon to a non dupe toon you csnt do shit but take each armory fail on the chin. Hi michelle :laughing::joy:

Take magna. Everyone runs stun resist on their toons. Magna with an impair weapon is more effective.

Depends what you want to use them for if you want to run a shield on attack take Ajax or take Magna for a defense

Pathways still scarred me. I got 0 coins and grinded my butt off. I’d go with Magna

I disagree. Despite stun resists my Ajax manages to stun sometimes even 3 enemies in one turn. Ofc it’s RNG dependent however Ajax is still better imo. His rush helps in many cases

If you get a lot of 5* tokens I’d go William or Magna honestly. Ajax is in the 5* wheel so eventually you will pull him assuming you get 5* tokens at a decent rate (you are at the mercy of rng so it could take a long while though)

Magna or Jesus seem to be the 2 best. To each their own however. Magna doesn’t have a fixed weapon so any Impair would be great. And Jesus has -30 ap down. Can’t go wrong with either choice.

Jesus if you have patience for abso

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