I dont Get it?!?!


Hey guys

I went through some posts talking about account transfer difficulties from phone to phone. I want to be understand the issue more if u can help me on that.

Whats exactly the problem that is new? Will I have problems transferring my account now from an old phone to a new one even if its linked to facebook? or what exactly?

Thx everyone.


I had no issue going from iPhone to iPhone as I did a complete backup of my passwords and ALL data.

Doing it without a backup, or from iOS to Android, or vice versa may cause issues as they could be on different builds. Android to Andriod should be simply linking Facebook.


Android to Android works very well, i do it almost daily.


I swapped Android phones a couple of months ago. I tried linking the game to Facebook, after creating a Facebook account, it didn’t work. I will say that the Scopely team were quick to try and help. I had to email them the last 6 months game purchase transactions. Once I did that I was back on within an hour or so