I Don't Buy Scopely's Explanation For No Ascendance List

The meta is not rapidly evolving, in fact it’s been the same thing for at least the last couple of years. On defense you use revive, guardian and healing toons. On offense, you use disarmers, decapitators and toons that are capable of dealing large amounts of damage in a short number of turns. That’s it. Also, this game has no balance so why are we talking about “balancing needs”? Hardly any legacy ascendable last year was relevant to the meta. Unless 6* legacy HS or disarmers are being released this year you’re not doing this so that this year’s legacy ascendables are more relevant to the current meta. This is also your game so how do you not know what the meta is this year?


Does a list really matter anyway? No-one should be selling non-dupe 5*s at this point. Since the list has gone I’ve had no issues with

or their release time. If a list is going to hinder both them in some way, why bother?


Just because you don’t buy it, doesn’t change that Scopley may well believe it…

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Who needs to know whether or not Michelle is F2P? Just do all the events and hope she is.

What has event information got to do with legacies?


Both the ascendance list and event information give info on what will be released. You don’t care about the ascendance list so lets get rid of event info.

You are assuming they have a clue about what they are doing. Why would you think that?


That’s a weird comparison. Events are planned and fixed in place and only last a month or two tops. There’s no reason not to give the framework. It won’t change from Day 1 to Last Day.

The meta isn’t nearly as fixed and while I reckon there is a plan, it’s not far-reaching or binding. You say the meta hasn’t changed in 2 years. I disagree. 6*s. Mods. Revive swing, Gen2, anti-revive swing. Plotting each individual toon isn’t likely done on a 6 month, long term plan and is ‘subject to change’. Imo don’t bind yourself as such to an ascendance list.

I’ll take my unplanned Eric revive to planned lame duck Carley


As long as they continue to release 2 a month I could care less if there is a list.

I’m way more concerned with the gear and legendary ascendance medal stranglehold.

We need another gear museum collection and we need a third act added to the ascendance roadmap with nothing but legendary medals.


A list is not important. Just keep all unique 5* and use duplicates as fodder.


Just like its not important to have a new Aiko :shushing_face:


I’ll take no list if the toons keep staying good, their explanation sounds wack but statistically its true considering toons with list were good, but not good enough and the ones without a list have all been pretty fanta stick imo

If 2 legacies a month and no list vs not even maybe 1 a month and a list. I and im sure like 99% of the community will take option 1. I do agree tho, the meta doesnt change, theirs no balancing in this game as well the game relies more on spending money and rng luck than skill, any “we will balance things” i just chuckle a bit and remember all the other false promises over the years but 2 a month or even 1 a month is much better than what weve had and id rather keep that pace going and not distract scopely as we know how easy they are to get lost

I hated having a list. U could be waiting over a year for them to make a toon ascendable. It just pissed me off playing the waiting game

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~ scopely cant be fked
~ cause they dont know themselves ehats been ascendable, its random
~ cause russians are really in charge, scopely hacks the system to post wahts going on

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Smart to not buy it.

Less releases this year.

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need a f2p red command.

Timothy plzzzzzzzzzz

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