I don’t understand, don’t have a nice day


Lol Why is forum so dead and seems like most is accepting these below par, unacceptable rewards? Months ago when everyone was complaining about crap rewards scopely made a change and started giving out premier recruits for war prizes (war with Jose for 1st, rocket abe and drop lead Shane), Thought everything was going to be ok after that then they stopped war after first CRW then introduced 6* s.

1st CRW there weren’t any repeat toons for top prizes so why start now? Why make rewards so underwhelming that everyone is just in a don’t careish mood?
I understand not giving an accendable and I understand not giving top places 5* tokens but I don’t understand why are 3 mediocre, below par, non ascendable 5*s are top prizes, especially 2 from years ago and 1 that isn’t even a game changer. Some premium toons like priya,magna, hunter etc would’ve been more acceptable Because they still have some use in the game.

I reall Hope someone can trigger scopely to change these rewards before CRW goes live because this is just intolerable and just a kick in the nuts for long time players and the ones that want to grow. Ridiculous to see scopely going so low that rewards are worst than normal war rewards we would’ve gotten about 1 year ago


I guess you missed the last hundred or so threads on here


are you sure you are not looking at the old forums?


I’ve seen some but there should be more, most seem satisfied with this shit.


They have broken most of the players to where they just accept whatever garbage scopley is willing to give or they just don’t have the energy to give a shit anymore.


Everyone’s given up.

Everyone’s leaving.


he wants MORE complaint threads, complain more than you are already complaining people, you are not doing a good enough job at complaining by Chase’s standards!