I don’t know what happened with my Bo trainers

Idk if it’s a bug or if I’m mistaken. Curious if this has happened to anyone else.

I went to level up Erin and hit the Max button. I noticed that it was only using Bo’s and none of the Buds. What I didn’t notice is that my fat finger must have hit the lock button. Didn’t even realize that was an option till later. See the pic below.

So to force the use of Bud, I clicked on him and slid the bar as far as possible. Here’s where the details are fuzzy because I wasn’t expecting anything weird. I thought I had 174 Bo’s before using Buds. Idk how many Buds I had. When I finished leveling up, I had ZERO Bo’s and 85 Buds left.

Because I don’t remember how many Buds I had, I don’t know if only the Bo’s were consumed. Either way, my Bo’s were consumed when I thought I was using Buds.

Tbf Sclass consume any form of trainer like nobodies business. However I’d be very surprised that a tier 2 Sclass at level 73 would could use 174 Bo’s without you having to stock up on food at least a few more times.

He didn’t say it was in one shot :blush:

Unlocked trainers will be used, and when you’re close to the end of a tier they won’t necessarily be used in an efficient way.

I keep all my trainers locked so I have better control over what I’m using whenever I level.
It’s more time consuming but I’d rather not waste trainers.

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I’m also very careful about what trainers I use. Too many reports of undesired behavior when the auto level slider is used.

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Indeed. If you have any of the trainers unlocked, the slider will reset any manual selection done.

So you can auto-slide (or not), then use locked trainers manually, but afterwards have to avoid the slider.

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