I do not have any Region Listings


Hi, I do not have any Region Listings. The only Region that is listed is where I am playing right now. I want to play to other regions. Let me know what is going on. My sibling have REGION LISTINGS BUT MINE HAVE NOTHING EXCEPT ONE, WHICH IS MY REGION.


Sorry you’re having a problem with this.

If you’re trying to *transfer* (move your current town and roster to a different region), it may or may not be possible, depending on what region you’re in now. Which region are you currently in?

If you’re trying to *join* (start a new town and roster in a different region), please open a support ticket in game and let them know you’d like to start a new region. They will be able to get you started in a new region (please be patient, it may take time if they need to get engineering involved).


You might be in a brand new region like Lancaster or Chester. Your gonna have to wait a few months till they open it up on the regions list.


Look this

I do not have other regions, I can not make transfers


Please open a ticket with support and tell them you’d like to start in a different region :slightly_smiling_face: