I didn't receive my last faction raid rewards!


I contact support , and no answer yet.


I was just told I won’t get any rewards as I changed my faction after the event! @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane @JB.Scopely can you clarify such a answer of the ingame support please?


That’s typically what happens. Normally you can’t leave your faction until rewards come it but recently that changed. And with a lot of people having a very long delay before getting rewards a lot of people already starting moving around. I hope @JB.Scopely and the gang can do something about this. Seems unfair to a lot a people who had delayed rewards and weren’t aware they couldn’t claim rewards if they moved.


Yes, anyone who leaves faction before rewards forfeits rewards.


That’s why I received lVL up rewards or what? If you are not a mod just leave these stupid comments to yourself! The calendar stated a fraction Road about to start so I moved from second to first fraction. It was never the case that anyone didn’t receive rewards!


Then pm mods & not post here?


@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely can we have a answer please as ingame support just deletes messages!


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