I didnt get my coins even though I spent 100$

I just spent 100$ for coins and didnt get them even though I was charged for the transaction

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Have you opened a ticket with support? What did they say?

I contacted them but haven’t heard back yet I did it on this site https://scopely.helpshift.com/a/twd-road-to-survival/?p=all I dont know if I did it on the right site i’d rather have it done quick because I wanna pull for amber

dont buy from the vk

vk? whats that mean?

It’s a russian site a lot of players use to purchase toons.

I didnt buy from that I bought directly from the primer wheel options

Another reason I stopped spending.
I’d freakin cry if this happened to me :cry:,
I’m so sorry and hope you get them or a refund.

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Apple isnt willing to give me a refund and scoplely “Doesnt have the information in their systems” so im screwed

Apple didn’t give you refund? They’re usually pretty helpful if it’s your first refund. I would try again

They stopped being so generous when numerous people would buy coins and get refunds. Lot of whales were doing it.


Keep contacting Apple same thing happened to me last year and it took contacting 5 or 6 people for one to finally issue the refund

If support and Apple won’t help, hopefully you put it on a debit/credit card via the store. Your bank will take a claim. If you didn’t get your services, they should get you your $$ back.

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