I decided to do one pull on 5* weapons

I got on my first pull is this weapon any good ? I know it is the promo weapon but i dont know if it is any good…


why don’t u try it for yourself?


All 3 seem like pretty crap.


@blackmeow i mean i am just asking if you guys think it is a good weapon , don’t need to be mean or anything…

@Jim_Mac Really ? I was thinking the 45% more attack was pretty good … But oh well…

Not trying to be mean. Sometimes we have the answer ourselves.

I think it’s a so so weapon, but best to try it out in combat, against your faction mates in duel, for example.

I just think with ransack it is more of a weapon I’d use on defense. I’d probably go for ap down if I got it but I won’t lol.

You inspired me



@BlindHybrid ;-; i feel your pain from here…

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So irritated with stupid scopely.

Introduce epic weapons, and don’t release any ftp ways to get stupid armory tokens for weeks. We’re all ;:@?!@ idiots for continuing to play this greedy company’s game.

Oh, and yeah those weapons suck. Sorry. All about the tokens for $$$


Tokens drop in Arenas, but yes, it’s VERY slow, drops are pathetic.

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I’d probably do a 20 pull if 2/3 of the weapons weren’t green which I don’t run strong toons

That’s a ‘lame’ promo weapon, should have had rampage or stun, AD or confounding etc op ones…or not worth coins or grinds imo

Pull one weapon if you dont use kkkk very good.

If you read it’s stats, you should determine if it’s good or not😑

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I did the raids tapjoy offer, double coins, had like 11,900 coins, did a 40 for Mercer, got nothing but junk, then did a 20 pull on the weapons, bunch of weapon coins and parts, terrible. Ugh

Drop rate is not the biggest issue, but the crafting costs is way too much. If armory fails 2 times with the desired outcome you lose 20,000 tokens + 2 times 2000 tokens to reset the weapon. All this shit grinding for these tokens is for nothing when the armory is flawed at the end.

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Honestly dont like having a weapon as a 5* already, I’d rather get a 4* weapon use its 3 upgrade slors… promote it to 5* and get another 3 slots, feel like I’m missing out huge potential of a already 5* weapon

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Agreed. Unless it comes with base stats of 40% it seems like you have to settle for less, especially when a lot of these 3rd and 4th slots on these premier weapons are just going to be changed by a lot of players anyways

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